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About Me

Born in INDONESIA, 1976


I fell in love with photography when I was in Junior High School.  I started my photographic journey in the dark room. These early experiences of the magical reproduction of photography was, for me, formative.


I  was fortunate enough to work for a photographic agency and have had lots of experience in  digital media.  I pursued my passion in photography in Sydney, NSW and began my business in 2011.  I won my first award in 2013 for the ESMP Photo Competition and was also a Finalist in Sydney Festival Photo Competition.

Alongside a decade as a child care educator, I have annually been the photographer for numerous child care centres and have provided work for school websites. My experience in child care has further enabled me to capture the unique character of children in my photos. 

As a mother of two beautiful daughters, I understand the desire to freeze certain moments in time. This notion has translated into my family photography in which I strive to capture the candid and raw bond shared between parents, siblings and loved ones. 

Now a local in Maroubra, NSW, Australia, My work has been published in the local magazines such as The Beast and, more recently, Domain and McGrath magazine for my real estate photography.


Photography is an integral part of my life and I feel privileged to be able to know and work with wonderful people during the sessions. 

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